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Nelson Carlson

When will I…

look t those stones balancing.

I wish i could find a better work/life balance.

it’s so hard, i end up looking at emails and answering messages till late at night.

then I go to bed buzzing and don’t sleep well.

not good.

aaah for a good nights sleep.

Draw your own conclusion

So, what’s it all about then?

This is a very nice slow shutter photo of a small waterfall.

I like that sort of thing, did some myself when I was into DSLR photography.

just don’t feel confident enough to go out there and take them anymore.

people can be so horrible to you. 

boost me up scotty. I can do it.

Have to leave soon

Not long now before I go to meet my father.

It’s not like he’s Darth Vader or anything.

Just, you know.

Josephina was talking the other day about a new confidence and self esteem thing that’s going around.

i guess I might take a look at it.

could be good.

Terrapins and rats

There is a story in the local paper this week about people feeding the ducks and terrapins in the local pond but it’s also attracting rats.

Rat’s aren’t nice.

I am a bit scared of them if i’m honest.

confidence isn’t my strong point.

Carla saw it coming

It’s been so cold lately.

like a fish out of water really, should be getting back into the swing of things soon.

just wish I had the self esteem and confidence.

still, just need a little boost up and we’re good.

thanks by the way

I honestly missed this last time

Roland said that all the many colours reminded him of sand.

not sure what that’s about but let’s go with it.

it’s the race on sunday and I think we’re ready to go but not sure wish I had the confidence to build myself up.

only 8 months to go.